Our Mission
The Mission of BASTROP COMMUNITY ASSISTANCE, BCATX.org, is to provide an updated listing of Medical and Human Resources for the Community of Bastrop to help meet the needs of the Bastrop Community expanding to other areas of communicative services, in partnership with community supporters,  administered by students who are mentored by BISD staff and Community Volunteers.

Reorganization for listing of services. ​​​Changing of mentors and workers.
At this time, BCATX.ORG is looking for a new Sponsor and Web Site Manager in order complete our mission.  We have most of the listings for services, but need to publish them on the website in order to assist the Community of Bastrop.

     Please contact us if you are interested in furthering the use of this service.  As of now, Motion for Life has been the paying Sponsor and main organizers of the service.